Friday, 2 June 2017

Our most dangerous situation

Today, I was asked what is the most dangerous situation that I have been in?

I had to really think about it and I couldn't really think of anything. In the end I made something up that will give some people some laughs later on in the day: I was chased down the road by a flock of sheep.

This is not me, but you get the idea.

Some of the other people who answered this question had some interesting answers.

  • Close encounter with a Grizzly Bear
  • Kidnapped at gunpoint
  • In a car accident
  • Almost drowned in rapids during rafting
  • Car chase with police
  • Bitten by a dog

However, get a load of these ones:

I was fighting in a battle with (country name withheld) and I had two fingers cut off.

Being shot at by 50 calibre machine gun while I was flying a helicopter in (country name withheld). 

When I look at some of these things I wonder why the fact that I can't think of anything dangerous. Is this a statement about me that I play everything safe or the above people did things poorly by finding themselves in those dangerous situations?

I don't know.

In this post, I talked about getting outside your comfort zone on a regular basis.

Maybe today's question about the dangerous situation is an indicator for me and you that we need to get out of that comfort zone on occasions. Put ourselves out there. I'm not saying that we should join the military and look to go to war. What I am saying that the danger may not be physical, it might be mental though and the danger of being rejected or being yelled at is very real but if you are able to overcome that you will become stronger mentally and that is a good thing.

The grizzle bear appeared a few times today so to commemorate that, here is a picture of a grizzly bear.

Hmmm, I'll take the flock of sheep any day. (Actually that is quite a dangerous thing for a New Zealander to say. People could take it the wrong way.)

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