Monday, 9 January 2017

Standing out to get ahead?

Regular readers will know that I grew up playing the sport of cricket and I still take an interest in it today.

The other day, Australia completed a 3-0 clean sweep of their test match series against Pakistan in Sydney. On the last day of the five day match Australia had a couple of injuries so as is customary in cricket they recruited a local player to field for them. The guy they recruited as you can see in this video has become a bit of a cult hero.

Why has he become a cult hero?

Is it because he took a sensational catch?

Did he make some good stops in the field? Yes but no.

Here is the reason, he is 2 metres tall and he has long blond curly hair. In other words he didn't look like a typical cricketer. He was a bit different so the crowd took a bit of a shining to him. He looks like he should be out on his surfboard on Sydney's northern beaches somewhere. It reminded me of this"incident" from a few years ago.

All of this suggests to me is if you do something a little bit different, you will get noticed and good things may happen. In this case Mickey Edwards was able to make an impression on the field for the Australian cricket team.

You don't have to look like this. (Although in fairness this guy is very successful and that different clothing and nail polish allows him to stand out a lot.)

Maybe you can wear a bow tie or wear different colour shoes or even you could start to grow a beard. I mean which person stands out below, the bearded one or the non-bearded one?

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