Saturday, 28 January 2017

Get back on that horse!!!

Regular readers will know that I do daily reading. I read from several books. I summarise what I have read and send the summary to my friend. My friend also does the same thing. He sends his summaries to me.

It was very interesting what he sent me the other day:

As mentioned in the last summary, we often associate things with certain situations.

e.g. You may not want to go to a sporting facility because that's where you got injured badly. 

But this can cause irrational behaviour. (Like all these cricketers with rituals and superstitions)

Also we can wrongly associate certain people with bad things and needlessly dislike them for it.

e.g. When I started my company my financial adviser at the time, told me that the company would probably fail. I haven't spoken to her since, even though she was right.

I have been struggling with this today. I am writing this in a place that I didn't really want to come to as I associate it with a bad memory from a few years ago, even though, and this is the surprising thing the bad memory didn't actually happen here. I just associate that "event" with this place.

All day today, I knew that I had to come to this place to write this post because I find it difficult to do work at home.

I had an appointment for most of the day and I knew that I had to come here when that finished.

Even after the appointment I stuck around writing a report (procrastination). I walked slowly to the station. I checked something at the convenience store that I knew wouldn't be there. (procrastination) I got on the train. Got off the train and walked slowly to the place stopping at another convenience store. (procrastination)

I got to the place and went up the stairs and for some reason as soon as I got there all of the bad memories disappeared from my mind as I was thinking about this post.

That whole story just goes to show that the best way to get over something is to go and do it again. For example, if you fall off a horse you should get right back on.

If you get a serious injury playing sport, you should recover from it and go straight back playing it because the longer you hold it off the harder it will be to play again.

If you have an accident in a car, get back to driving as soon as possible.

I think introverted people tend to think too much about it and they put too much meaning on a place or what people say. Extroverted people would in my opinion just let it pass and forget about very quickly.

It took me a while to get here but I'm glad I did as I got back on that horse and so should YOU.

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