Friday, 13 January 2017

Quit drinking!

I read this interesting article this morning. It was written by a guy who quit drinking alcohol and with that his sales career went into another stratosphere.

I learned two things from this article:

1. You can decide to change something in your life at anytime.

2. Cutting alcohol out of your life can bring many benefits.

At anytime in your life you can decide to make changes. You don't have to wait until the calendar says 1/1 or my personal favourite, Monday morning. You can change something now. All it takes it about one second to make that decision to change something in your life.

This guy decided that alcohol had to go from his daily life and he has reaped the rewards.

I have always said that if the government of Japan decided tomorrow that Japan will go dry, it wouldn't be a big problem for me.

I like the odd tipple from time to time just like a lot of people out there I suspect but it doesn't define me and I can have a perfectly good time without it.

Lets have a look at the benefits that the author found:

1. He found time. He didn't waste his time drinking. He found that he time to do other things that he liked and even get some sleep. Wow! That sounds awesome.

2. He found his passion. This would tie in with having more time. You are not drinking, you are studying something else. I'll give you an example. I am writing this on a Friday night. Why? Shouldn't I be out drinking and socialising. Well, no. I'm engaged in this and I have found something that I care about.

3. He found money. I'll tell you something, blogging on a Friday night is a lot cheaper than drinking beer and vodka. (Wouldn't mind a Moscow Mule now though.)

4. He found his waistline. Yep, without all this added calories you are going to feel better and heavens forbid might even lose some weight.

5. With all of this added time you are going to have more time to focus on your job and you might get more and more clients which means more and more cheques. That sounds pretty good to me.

6. He felt better and healthier. This has to be the most important. Who doesn't want to become more energetic and healthier? I know I do.

There you, he got all of this from making just one decision. Imagine what you can achieve if you make one important decision tonight.

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