Thursday, 26 January 2017

Extroversion = charisma???

I was reading the other day about extroverts being more charismatic. I was thinking, is that true?

Lets have a look at the word charisma. My dictionary on this computer that I'm writing this post on says that charisma is: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. 

That sounds good but do you have to be extroverted i.e. someone who might say things without thinking about it to be considered charismatic?

Basically, what the author of the book was saying is that because an extrovert can talk better than an introvert then he or she must be charismatic. Usually what they are talking about isn't as important as how they are saying it. They could be talking about absolutely nothing but because it sounds good or they are saying it with a lot of enthusiasm and passion then people will listen.

Introverted people might be talking about things in a great more deal and intelligence but because they are not climbing up the walls doing it then people get bored with it very easily.

Are extroverted people more charismatic?

The quick answer to that is NO.

Charisma, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Many people say that Bill Clinton is a very charismatic guy and that might be true but not everyone is going to like him and consider him charismatic. They might think he is over the top or not very sincere. That is up to the individual.

Don't pigeonhole people. Don't think that because they are like so then they must be so. That guy sitting in the corner sipping on his vodka and ginger ale (Moscow Mule) might look boring but he might be the most charismatic person at the event.

Don't judge a person by his or her energy levels and how fast they can get the story out of their mouths. That quiet person in the corner might just have something really interesting to say.

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