Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Have you ever been called antisocial?

I was at the gym this morning. We did dead lifts (as seen in the photo below) and a running workout with some kettlebell swings.

Anyway, that is besides the point. During the warm up the coach noticed that one of the members in the class today was "hiding" around the corner. He was out of the coach's eyesight doing the same thing as us.

The coach is gregarious, outgoing, likes to chat, likes to joke. He is always positive and he is good to be around. I would say that he is an extrovert.

The guy that was warming up alone is very fit, very fast, very strong and very quiet. He does talk but he is very "economical" with his words. I could see that he found the small nature of the gym and because it was a full class he just wanted to get away from the crowd for a few minutes. I understood perfectly.

I don't think the coach understood though .

"He always likes to go by himself."

I didn't say anything but introverts need to if even for a few minutes, they need to just go off and spend a little bit of time by themselves.

Crossfit is an individual sport but there is the team element with group workouts and sometime pair or three people workouts. For me it can be a bit too much and I'm always happy when I am given a spot by myself to do lifts so I don't have to worry about people around me.

I think we all need to learn about how other 'tick.' If we understood that some people have to go off by themselves then we wouldn't hear things like:

"He's antisocial."


"He's weird."


"I can't believe you, it's Friday night, you should be partying wooooooooo."

If we all understood where most people were coming from, both our social lives and professional lives would be a lot easier and we all would be smiling like the guy below. And that is a good thing, isn't it?

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