Saturday, 19 November 2016

Don't make me mad ...... You won't like me when I'm mad

In 1981, relations on the cricket field between New Zealand and Australia were at an all time low. Australia had, although not cheated, they had played to the rules of the day but not to the spirit of the game and had won a controversial game by doing something that is still talked about today. It's usually brought up by New Zealanders.

Regular readers may have noticed yesterday that there was no blog post. This is the first time in over six months that I haven't blogged on a particular day.

The reason that I didn't blog was that I was given advice about some law that the European Union have about cookies. Now those that know me well will realise that when I hear cookies I think of the chocolate chip variety. I'm not very IT inclined so I took the advice as gospel. It turned out it was a joke.

Lets say that I'm not very happy about it and a few expletives were thrown around and I will plan revenge at some stage.

What is that old saying? "Don't get mad, get even."

Introverts by their quiet nature might come across as not being very aggressive but you make them angry and I'm not going to be responsible for the result of what is going to happen.

That is the lesson from today, even though they might be quiet and not that outgoing, they still have that anger emotion and watch out because it won't be pretty.

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