Saturday, 26 November 2016

Do you like to go shopping in those crowded malls?

I've said for a long time on this blog that yes we do live in an extroverted world and yes you do have to stand out occasionally but when you think about it there are some advantages for the more introverted people in this world.

"What are those?" I hear you ask.

Well let me tell you. Shopping.

In 2016, we have huge malls that you can buy anything and find anything. However more importantly for introverts we have online shopping. Yes, thank you Jeff Bezos, Hiroshi Mikitani and Jack Ma.

Isn't it amazing that you can go online and basically buy anything online and have it delivered direct to your door? On Amazon you can find anything.

I was looking for L&P on Amazon one time and I found it. It cost about $30 a can but it was there.

L&P for the uninitiated is a New Zealand "fizzy drink" that is in my opinion, the nectar of the gods. if you haven't tried L&P, you have not lived.

My point is that online shopping is an introvert's paradise.

Why? Because they can go online and order something and the only talking they have to do is grunt at the delivery person and even then they don't have to say anything.

My personal favourite is ordering McDonalds. I don't eat it often but it is quite nice to have it from time to time, right. It's not good for you. We all know that but sometimes it quite nice to "cheat."

If you go to the actual restaurant you might feel embarrassed buying a whole bunch of food and scoffing it down at the table. However online is different. You can order 2 Big Macs, 3 Filet O Fishes, a 20 pack of Chicken McNuggets, 4 servings of large fries, 3 apple pies and a large Diet Coke without being judged. Isn't it great?

In all seriousness, the Internet has allowed introverts the chance to reenergise in the privacy of their own homes without having to go out. So if you choose to have a weekend in which you don't leave the house, the Internet has allowed us to do this because we can order groceries and fast food. We won't starve to death.

Don't take this article as permission to not leave the house however. That would be stupid. It is still good to go to malls and have a look around. That's fun, just you don't have to do it as often.

Remember, we don't want to shut ourselves off from society all together, we still need to get out and about. The Internet allows us to reenergise and be introverts so take advantage of it but not too much advantage.

Well, I'm off to do some shopping., here I come.

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