Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Are you shy or are you introverted? There is a difference.

What is the difference between introversion and shyness?

These two characteristics seem to get lumped together like they are one in the same.

Well, I have news for you, they are not.

Here's why.

An introvert is someone who recharges by being by himself or herself or with a small group of friends (maybe one or two people). An introvert is happy in these circumstances because he or she knows themselves well and they know what works to recharge them.

An introvert feels fine staying at home on a Friday night.

Shyness however is about how they deal with other people and unfamiliar situations. Shy people are usually uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations and they find it very difficult talking and meeting new people.

Another aspect of a shy person's personality is that they feel that they should go out on a Friday night but they don't want to do the work. They want to have a big group of friends but to organise that can be out of the reach of the shy person.

This is interesting because since I have "discovered" the fact that I am introverted, the idea that I should go out on a Friday night has basically disappeared from my life. I would much rather spend it with a mate drinking beer or a beautiful woman eating dinner and having a fantastic conversation.

I was shy, that I know, but I have gotten over that and I know who I am and that makes a big difference in my life and with my peace of mind.

I assure you, when you figure out who you are, your life becomes a lot more simple.

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