Friday, 16 March 2018

What are Extroverts?

Extroverts draw their energy from those around them. They have many friends both socially and professional.

Basically, if you use Facebook or Instagram often and you see your friends at a party and there are many photos of your friends all with huge smiles on their faces and they look like they are high on something, that is a sign that they are extroverts. (By the way, they are high on life, not any illegal substances.)

Extroverts are:
  • Talkative
  • Sociable
  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Passionate
In saying that, like most things, there are negative things as well.

Extroverts tend want to hog the limelight. They are attention seekers.

Extroverts are also easily distracted. For example, my friend will be talking about something. He will be talking passionately about it and then suddenly he will go silent. Why? He has seen something that has distracted his attention.

Extroverts also find it difficult to spend time by themselves. They need to have social interaction.

What else do we know about extroverts?

1. They have a wide range of interests. - They usually can't concentrate on one thing for too long. They have to branch out and do something else.

2. They love conversations. - My friend loves to chat while he is driving. He will call me so he can chat. It is always nice to hear from him.

3. They like being the centre of attention. - I like that. Although I wouldn't consider myself an extrovert. Far from it.

4. Extroverts tend to act first and think later. This can get them into trouble but no one can accuse them of not taking action.

5. Extroverts love working in groups. - They get energised by be around all of these people.

There you have it. Your 101 on extroverts.

Tomorrow, we will look at the introvert. That should be interesting.

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