Saturday, 17 March 2018

How to NETWORK for Introverts.

I'm starting to realise that I need to schedule everything. When you schedule things it becomes real and it makes it more difficult to blow it off.

When I started at my CrossFit gym I developed the habit of planning my gym sessions the week before. I would book them and then go at the time I had decided.

Next week I know that 12.30pm Monday, 7.30am Tuesday, 1.00pm Wednesday, 6am Thursday,  and 8am Saturday are the gym times. My Friday hasn't been decided yet because of a prior commitment that I don't know how long will take but I'm sure that I will get there at some stage.

I know unless I am really sleepy in the morning that I will make these classes because I have scheduled them.

Now I have to schedule social and networking events.

For us introverts, those social and networking events can seem like a real hassle. The whole idea of going along to these things can be a little scary. It can be a little intimidating going along to a place where you don't know anyone but the thing is, is that it is only scary for the first five minutes or so and then after you say hello to a couple of people and have a beer, you forget about the initial awkwardness.

For introverts, plan those networking and social occasions and go along but remember your limit. Make some kind of goal. For example, I will talk to 10 people and then go home. Or you can make it a time goal. For example, I will leave at 9pm. Just make sure you stick to it because if you go overboard, you might not get back to going there again because you associate it with pain. It is like playing 36 holes of golf when 9 would have been sufficient.

Schedule those networking events and do them. You will get greta benefit from them both socially and maybe financially.

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