Saturday, 10 March 2018

The Truths of Life

I saw something the other day that highlighted the truths in life that maybe difficult for some people to hear and listen to. They are true but most people don't want to know about it.

1. The average human life is relatively short

If you think about it, if you live to your 100th birthday, that is 36,500 days. When you look at it like that, it is not so many days on this earth. When you take it to your 75th birthday, it only comes to 27,375 days and it gets even more grim. So, should we be wasting those days of ours in bed doing nothing. I must admit sometimes it is the thing to do but when it happens regularly, you should worry.

2. Being busy does not mean being productive 

I'll let George Costanza explain it to you:

Yes, running around looking like you are a chicken with your head cut off does not mean you are busy. It just means that you are stupid.

We all like to do busy work because it makes us seem productive and useful when in fact it isn't contributing to the bottom line. So stop shuffling those papers and stop organising those 'waste of time' internal meetings and do some work that you can profit from as opposed to work that tires you out.

3. You will always have failure before success

What is that we hear? Thomas Edison failed 10,000 time before he found the lightbulb? For this one, I'll let Michael Jordan explain it to you:

Yep, Michael Jordan has to take risks, he has to try things and he has to do things that might not work out to get the success that we all know he has achieved.

4. Thinking and doing are two different beasts

I'm sure that you some of you have seen the movie, 'The Secret.' This movie focuses on the Law of Attraction. Below, you can see the trailer for the movie.

One of the things about The Law of Attraction in my understanding anyway is that first of all you need to visualise what it is that you want. The difficult part is to go out and do it. The action part. I saw an interview with Jim Carrey who used to visualise a lot about what he wanted but then he did the hard work as well. In the interview he joked with Oprah Winfrey that you can't go and eat a sandwich after visualising what it is that you want.

5. Some people are simply the wrong match for you

Yep. This is not just in sexual relationships either. It could be friends as well.  It just doesn't work out. By the way, this is not an excuse to dump people willy nilly.

6. What you own is not who YOU are

"You own a pair of those wireless earphones? Wow, you must be a supercool person."

"You own seven navy blue blazers? You are the personification of awesome."

"You have a BMW? Excuse me as I drop my drawers."

Seriously, does it matter what kind of STUFF the other person has?

7. Everything changes, every second

If you are married, you probably understand this as well as anyone. Things can change with a drop of a hat. People's moods change. We have different ideas. Everything is happening.

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