Sunday, 25 March 2018


In 2018, is it always the guy's fault?

That's an interesting question. In relationships, is it always the guy's fault that they broke up.

Part of me thinks yes and and part of me thinks no.

Well Blair, which one is it?

Since I am a guy, I would suggest that, yes the guy has to take the responsibility ..... unfortunately.

I hear some of you screaming out there what if the woman cheats on the guy? Well, maybe the guy wasn't looking after the woman well enough.

It's a complicated one, isn't it? There is so many variables involved, emotions, feelings, money, children, possessions. I am probably just scratching the surface when I make that list.

I read or heard somewhere recently that 75% of the time it is the woman that instigates the breakup. If this is true then maybe, yes it is always the guy's fault.

I suppose in today's society we have so many options. We have Tinder and Bumble and Hinge and one that sounds very interesting, Happn. Also you have the old classics like or OK Cupid.  All of these options make it seem like there is a real smorgasbord out there of dating options and it would mean that people are deciding for whatever reason that there must be something better and they will drop who they are with. I think these kind of people are setting themselves up for disaster but that is their prerogative.

The only advice I could give you guys out there is be the best version of yourself because no one else will. If that isn't good enough, that isn't your problem.

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