Tuesday, 6 March 2018


I'm sorry, I hear all sorts of things about introverts that are just not true. It gets really frustrating and I just don't think some of you guys understand, so to set the record straight, lets go through the list of things that some of you don't get:

1. Introverts are not talkers

This is incorrect. Introverts will talk you ear off if you get onto a subject that they are particularly passionate about. I remember that I was at a party and like any introvert my energy source had run out a long time before. A couple of people decided to talk about cricket and what a joke of a sport it is. Well, they couldn't have thought of better subject to get me talking. Lets just say I won that talk quite easily.

2. Introverts are not shy

How may times do I have to write this? Introverts are not shy. Far from it. Introverts are not scared of people. They do not avoid conversations. They will avoid conversations however if the topic is considered boring and has no meaning. Call an introvert shy at your peril.

3. Introverts are not rude

I saw an interesting meme the other day about a woman at a job interview. She was being interviewed by a panel of three people. Of course one of the stupid questions that people ask at interviews is the classic one "What are you weaknesses?" The woman replied that she is too honest. The interviewer says that that is not a weakness and her reply made me laugh big time, "I don't give fuck what you think."

In today's society we have to walk on eggshells a lot because we might, god forbid, offend somebody. Introverts are generally not very good in judging these situations and will on occasions offend people who are very fragile. Does this make them rude? I doubt it. It just makes the listener weak in my opinion.

4. Introverts love people

Introverts generally don't have hundreds and hundreds of friends like some extroverts seem to have. (Yeah right! Try asking them for help when the shit hits the fan.) Introverts have friends. They have a few very good friends and people that they want to spend time with. They usually like to hang out with one or two people, not one or two hundred.

5. Introverts do like to go out in public

Yes, we do like to go out and about. In fact introverts love it. The only problem is we want to go home earlier than say extroverts who are so keen to stay out. My extroverted friend used to get angry with me for wanting to go home early at 4am after a night out. He would stay out until 8am because he was getting more and more energised whereas I just wanted to get home as fast as possible.

6. Introverts don't want to be alone all the time

You better believe it. Introverts don't want to be alone all the time, they want to be with people who bring value to their lives. They want people who think before they speak rather than people who love the sound of their own voices. Let me use words that our generation seems to understand. If your content is not great we don't want to hear it. Comprende?

7. Introverts are not weird

Just because we don't follow the crowd, that doesn't make us weird. We might not follow the fashion or we might not follow the trends but we do challenge the norm and just because we are not one of the sheep it doesn't make us weird at all. In fact since you might be a sheep doesn't that make you weird? You might be asking yourself, Blair

8. Introverts do know how to relax

Yep, we do, it just doesn't involve a bar or a loud place with hundreds of people. We only need ourselves or one or two other very close people. We can sit in our lounge all day with the love of out lives and watch videos all day. The true Netflix and chill.

9. Can introverts become extroverts?

I think this is where I differ from other people who say that an introvert should just be an introvert. Be happy with who they are and not get out of their comfort zone. I'm sorry, I disagree totally. You can and at times have to be extroverted and this is where I can help you. Please click on the link below and I will show how you can become a Situational Extrovert.


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