Thursday, 8 December 2016

Queue = social activity?

Queueing! Just writing that word makes me nauseous. Seriously, who likes queueing? Well, it appears that some people do like to line up for hours on end and it seems it is a social thing as opposed to get something for free.

According to this article it isn't about the free stuff, it is about the social aspect of it all.

Call me crazy, to the introvert in me, the idea of lining up in the cold for some free chicken just sounds like a waste of time but people seem to like it so why should I judge? Everything has their own entertainment and if they feel like that should line up then so be it. Good on them.

However and this is the interesting one, when they are lining up for some free stuff and that is the only reason then they are being idiots.

People might line up for three hours for a $10 (¥1100) bucket of chicken. OK, fair enough, they might like chicken but they obviously don't value their time at all. In New Zealand, the minimum wage is about $15 an hour so they line up for three hours for $10. That's ridiculous.

Queue for free stuff if that is your entertainment. Great, each to their own, however if you are doing it just because it is free then you should take a long look in the mirror and organise your time better. Work those three hours and you could buy a lot more buckets of chicken or something even better like a steak.

That looks good to me. Scrumptious, even.

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