Monday, 5 December 2016

Are you making the correct decisions?

Everything in life and I mean everything in life comes down to the decisions you make or in some cases, don't make.

In this book, 6 Months to 6 Figures by Peter Voogd, the author talks about a confidence account. He suggests that you can make decisions that can either build your confidence, in other words make a deposit in your confidence account or you can make decisions that bring your confidence down, in other words make a withdrawal from you confidence account.

I'll give you an example. It's Thursday night. You have had a long day. Your last meeting of the day ran double the time that you thought it would. You are walking home. You walk past the Golden Arches. You know that there is a head of lettuce, some chicken and other things in your fridge. What do you decide to do? Do you go home and make a chicken salad? (Putting a deposit in the account) Or do you go inside for a Big Mac and large fries? (Making a withdrawal from your account.)

Life comes down to the decisions that we make.

Isn't it amazing that one decision here or there can ultimately change the course of your life? You could have had that last beer but you decided to go home. What may have happened if you had that last beer? Something good? Something bad?

Maybe as a guy you decided to go up and talk to the good looking woman at Starbucks. How has that decision changed your life? You could have ignored her but you decided to say hi. Are you married because of it?

Life is full of decisions and you are never going to get them all correct but you really need to ask yourself, is this decision going to help me in the long run or should I avoid it? It is really that simple.

When I look back on 2016, I think of some decisions that I made that I wonder how changed my life would be if I had made the opposite decision.

1. I made the decision to move apartments in July of this year. At the time I was really stressing about it but once I made the decision I have worked really hard to try to make sure that it was the correct decision. I must admit that the jury is still out on whether it was correct or not. Lets just say that I am happy here so maybe the answer was yes.

2. Last month a friend approached me to set up a company. I was very positive about it so I decided to give it a go. We are still very much in the early stages but we have already had one client which is quite cool. I will work hard to try and justify this decision and to make sure that it was the correct decision.

3. On my birthday this year I threw social convention to one side and decided to go on a long walk to celebrate my birthday. That one small decision will make sure that I will remember that birthday for the rest of my life.

Of course there are other decisions that I regret and if I had my time over again I would have made a different decision. One decision that I made that at the time was a very negative one has turned out to be the catalyst for this blog, so "every cloud does have a silver lining." 

Remember, you have a choices in life and you have to make decisions. Obviously it is best to make the correct decision but that isn't always obvious early on so make the decision and work hard to make sure that it is in fact the correct decision.

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