Wednesday, 14 December 2016

"I hate people."

Here is an interesting article about controversial New Zealand broadcaster, Paul Henry. Henry is well known in New Zealand for his very popular shows both on television and radio. Paul Henry tends to speak his mind and this has made him both popular and controversial.

Here is a list of things that he has said that some people have taken offence to. I'm sure that you can find these on Youtube somewhere.

What I found interesting in this article was the fact that he said he hates people. I thought this to be particular interesting as I have a close friend who says the exact same thing. "I hate people."

In the Paul Henry article he gives an example of people at airports and how stupid they are. I tend to agree with him.

Yes, you do need to take everything out of your pockets when you go through the security sensor. Yes, you do need to take your laptop out of the bag. Actually I've never understood this one. Lets see what Google says. OK. I understand now. Because it is a dense piece of machinery, it can be used to hide other stuff. I see. Fair enough.

It's funny, when I go to the immigration office here in Tokyo, you have to take a bus from one of the major stations and like anything you prepare you money or transit card before hand so you can get on the bus with the least amount of hassle. This tends to work well for most people until you have that one or two people ahead of you who "forget" to get their money out of their wallet or stand their fishing into their pockets. I mean, what have you guys been doing for the last 10 minutes? Yes, people are stupid.

When my friend and Paul Henry say they hate people, I believe that they are saying that they hate what people do and that they don't want to become hermits who live in a cabin at the top of a mountain by themselves or maybe they do, but I doubt it.

I know on certain days I walk around Tokyo thinking how stupid people are because people do stupid things but it doesn't mean I want to do what this guy has done and completely cut myself off from society.

Before I finish, I would just like to say something about common sense. I have learnt that common sense is not all that common. What I think is common sense may not necessarily be common sense for you. It could be a cultural thing, it could be a family thing, it could be an individual thing.

I'll give you an example, when I go to the gym, I walk up a road which is one way. For those of you who know Tokyo well, you will know that not every road in this city as a footpath (sidewalk, pavement). This particular road is no exception. I walk up the hill going the way of the traffic so cars, vans, trucks etc are driving behind me. If someone is walking down the hill, my common sense suggests that they walk on the outside because they can see the traffic. If I did then I would be walking blind out into the traffic.

People walking down that slope don't seem to understand that part. I have had some awkward encounters as they try to go around me the "wrong way." They are just practicing their common sense.

So, before we brand people as stupid maybe we should think that maybe they are doing what they think is the right thing to do. Think about before you go off at someone, although in saying that when you don't have your fare for the bus ready after waiting for ten minutes, you are a big idiot.

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