Sunday, 20 May 2018


I saw the following meme the other day:

It shows a lady who looks pretty indignant and the caption is:

"When someone asks to go out the night of, without allowing 3 business days for mental preparation."

That begs the question, why are introverts not very spontaneous?

Well, it says it all in the meme, we do need preparation time. We need time to psyche ourselves up because, please remember that you are taking us out of our natural environment. You know, at home either by ourselves or with our significant others, cooking dinner, sleeping or even netflixing and chilling.

Believe it or not when an introvert says they are doing nothing, it means that that is what they have planned and they have been looking forward to it all day and possibly all week. So, when you suddenly ask an introvert out, they are going to have trouble with that. They are simply not prepared. I'm not joking when I say that.

If you recognise your friend as an introvert, allow them a few days to process your request and don't take it personally if they say "no."

Remember that they will go. They like going out as much as you do, just not as often.

But, dear extroverts, do not, let me repeat that, do not make them feeling guilty for turning down your request. They are not doing it to be anti-social. They are not doing it because they don't like you. They are doing (or not doing it) it because they, for that moment in time are being true to themselves. Let that introvert be. Just let them be what they are.

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