Tuesday, 24 April 2018


OK everyone. Please listen up. There are a few things that you need to know about introverts. So here goes:

1. Just because an introvert doesn't want to spend every minute of every day with you, it doesn't me that he or she doesn't love you. It just means that they need space. They need alone time. What is wrong with that?

2. If you accept an introvert for who they are, they will love you and you will never have anyone who is as loyal as an introvert. You will find that some extroverts have "hundreds" of friends whereas introverts have a handful but they are loyal to them all.

3. If you are in an introvert's life you must be pretty special to him or her. Don't forget that. Introverts don't let many people into their lives.

4. I know that I hate confrontation and introverts hate confrontation so don't expect any results by forcing an introvert to answer. They will clam up, believe me.

5. Introverts are known as great listeners (although in saying that, I am probably not so great at it) so remember to give them the same courtesy. If you do this, you might learn something about your introverted friend that you have never heard before.

6. Introverts energise by being alone. Always, always, always remember that. They need that alone time and don't take it as an insult because it is not. You trying to get an introvert to hang out is the insult.

7. Introverts are extremely loyal when they LOVE someone. They will do anything for you and they expect that same loyalty in return. If you question or take that loyalty for granted then you will create and enemy and that is never good.

If you remember these seven things, you will have an introvert as a friend for life and we can always have one more friend, right?

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