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This is an interesting article:

Lets have a look at some of the advice and how it relates to introverts and extroverts.

The article as the title suggests gives us some pieces of advice, 67 to be precise.

8. Ask yourself if you've become a relationship freeloader. Initiate the plans about half the time. 

Don't do as I used to do and just wait for the phone to ring because it seldom does. If you want to do something you need to get out there and do something. You have to organise it yourself especially if you are not a natural party animal.

9. Notice how much you talk in your head, and experiment with listening to your surroundings instead. You can't do both at the same time.

I have an ongoing conversation in my head. Sometimes it is interesting but other times it is a waste of time. If I practiced meditation then I could clear my head and it could be great.

10. Reach out to people you know are shy. It's hard for them to get involved in social things without somebody making a point of including them.

I can relate to this the most. In this case I am saying that introverted people are shy even though the two things are very different. Sometimes an introverted person does like to go out and have a few beers and let their hair down but because they are not out all of the time, they are lost in the ether. So if you know someone who would appreciate an invite, do it.

18. Expect people to get offended sometimes when you try to tell them what to do. Even if you think it's good advice.

Some people just don't want to hear it. Some introverted people are not really in tune with the social dynamics of a group. I know I have been guilty of offering unsolicited advice in the past and the other person not wanting to hear it and I can understand what they are thinking. I have kept information in the past from people because I know that the "advice" I would get is something that I don't want to hear.

31. Don't be late. Everyone hates waiting for late people.

I hate this. I really do. With the age of the cell phone we see it more and more. Basically it is a lack of respect and if anyone is late. I would give them 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes at the most. I'm always interested with the group dynamic of lets say four people. Two of the four will arrive early and chat. One person will arrive right on time, almost to the second while the last one will arrive late and then keep everyone waiting for a few more minutes because they are oblivious to everyone and they want to buy something from the convenience store because they didn't have time to do it before. It is very annoying.

35. Make a point of sitting and chatting with at least one local whenever you travel. It will transform your view of the place.

I remember I was in London a few years ago and I spent the afternoon and part of the evening with a local. It was a lot of fun. He showed me around places that tourists probably wouldn't go to and my understanding of London was a lot better.

51. Avoid being the least sober person in the room, unless you're the only person in the room.

It is not cool being absolutely pissed. (For American readers, this means drunk. It doesn't mean angry.) Being the drunkest person in the room is never cool and believe me, that picture of you will last for a long time in other people's minds and it may never go. By all means drink but drink to enjoy not too excess.

52. Go to New York, at least once.

I've never been to New York City although I have set foot in New York state. I remember from the song sunscreen that the guy giving the speech recommends living in New York once but to leave before it makes you hard. I can make a good guess to what that means. Maybe I should make that a goal to do in the next year or so. Anyone care to join me?

55. If life ever feels like it's too loud and busy, go hang out at the library.

I am writing this in a library. It is a good place to relax and get some serious work done without the noise of the street 37 floors below. Although this library isn't the greatest for books you can find some that are of interest and even now you can hire DVDs and the like.

57. If you think dancing isn't for you, try it again sometimes.

What is that saying? 'Work like you don't need the money. Dance like no one is watching. Love like you have never been hurt.' Get out there and do some dancing. You will feel a lot better about yourself, believe me. I used to go to salsa dancing lessons and I was absolutely hopeless and my friend still gives me grief about it but at least i gave it a go and I am proud of that fact.

64. Try not to let a week go by without having lunch or coffee with a friend. 

As an introvert, it is really easy to shut yourself off from the rest of the world. I know. I have done it before. However, you do have friends who care for you and love you and you should go out and spend time with them before it is too late.

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