Tuesday, 17 April 2018



When you decide to do something, do it. If you book yourself at the gym for the 7.30am class, do yourself a favour and GO!

I had booked my gym at 7.30am which meant that I needed to go at 6.30am to get there with plenty of time to spare so I could get changed and warm up.

I didn't go.

They say to be successful you need to do what the other 97% don't want to do. Not many people want to go to the gym at 7.30am or even earlier but the successful people do. I was not successful this morning so I had to share the train with the 97% and even though it was only two stops, it was not pleasant at all.

My advice to myself and to you is to DO what you said what you are going to do whether you feel like it or not.

Let me repeat that. DO what you said you were going to do whether you want to or not.

You will win in the long run.

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