Friday, 20 April 2018


It's Friday evening. What have you got planned for the weekend? Do you have a big night planned tonight? Are you going out with your friends and are you going to get absolutely sloshed? Will you be leaving town for the weekend?


It's Friday evening. Are you going home to relax? What are you going to cook for yourself and your significant other? Do you have your Netflix playlist sorted out? Have you got any books on the shelf that have been unread for the longest time?

Whatever you do, make sure you own it. 

I know that a lot of introverted people do get pressured by their extroverted friends to go out and it can be annoying.  Believe me from experience.

I have learned recently that if you are going to say something, it is not what you say exactly, it is how you say it and if you say that you don't want to go to a noisy, smoky (if you are in Japan) bar and you say it with passion and not a wishy washy way then you are not going to get any resistance. You have to be strong that is the key. As soon as you show any weakness the peer pressure will become unbearable. It's true.

If you want to relax at home after a long week, don't succumb to the pressure say that you don't want to go. You might get the anti-social argument but you know otherwise. You are being true to yourself and true to how you energise.

Enjoy that time at home by yourself or with your significant other. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the movies and maybe even Netflix and Chill.

Be true to yourself. 

Have a great weekend.

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