Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Hong Kong Sevens (香港國際七人欖球賽)

If I asked you what is the most popular annual rugby tournament in the world, would you be able to answer?

Some people might guess that it is the Bledisloe Cup or the Calcutta Cup or something similar.

I would have to say that it is none of them. It is the Hong Kong Sevens.

I've always wanted to go and watch until I realised that it isn't really about the rugby at all and the fact that I don't actually like sevens rugby anyway.

What do I mean, that it isn't about the rugby?

Sevens rugby around the world seems to be one big party with Hong Kong being the king of the sevens circuit. Spectators get dressed up in their best fancy dress and then do their best to drink the bar dry. I think that some of them get close to doing it too.

The whole point of this is that their are some events out there where you need to have significant amounts of energy to 'survive' it. These tournaments can go on for two or three days and remember as introverts that if you do go you may need to excuse yourself on a couple of times because these tournaments can be quite stimulating and you need to recharge.

If you can, remove yourself from the action for just a few moments, this will allow you the moment of recharging so you can rejoin the party and continue the liquid refreshments if that is your way to party.

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