Friday, 29 September 2017


I was in a convenience store this morning and was a little annoyed with the service I received at the particular shop.

I would like to admit firstly, that I do find the service in Japan at some times to be quite robotic. I believe in the type of service, if you can make the service experience unique for every customer then you are doing something right. I know if you are serving hundreds of people a night, you can find it to be a little difficult but we can only hope.

This morning however I received no greeting and I wasn't even told the price of my purchase (¥173).

There was another customer behind me in line. I stuck around for a few seconds to listen and he was given a greeting and was told what the price was.

Why wasn't I given the same courtesy?

I think that all comes down to not judging a book by it's cover.

Just because the person in front of you is black, white, brown, red, pink or purple, it doesn't mean that they won't understand your culture or language.

Treat everyone the same. I think that is great advice.

I was watching a video recently. It was made for men when communicating with women. Some men will talk to a woman they perceive to be 'out of their league' in a different way to someone that they are not attracted to. In reality you should talk to everyone the same. It doesn't matter how high on the 'hotness' scale you think they are.

The same applies to people. Just because you don't think he or she can speak your language, just talk to them like you would talk to anyone. If they don't understand you, then they will tell you (or show you).

Treat everybody the same. That's it. Simple.

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