Friday, 1 September 2017


Dear extroverts out there,

There are reasons why your introverted friend doesn't want to join you at the club on Friday night and it isn't because they are unsociable or a loser. (Why would you call them that?) They are probably thinking:

"They say, I never see you at the club. I say, I never see you at the bank."

Here are some reasons why, besides the above, your introverted friend will not go to the club with you.

1. One of my pet hates is people criticising your taste in music. Why do people think it is necessary to  complain about other people's music? Why can't I listen to Spice Girls if I want to without judgement?

Wooooo Hoooooo. I feel all motivated for the day after that.

2. One thing you will find with a lot of introverts is that instead of talking they are doing a lot of thinking and daydreaming and sometimes (and to introverts out there be careful who you confide in) they will share those thoughts with you and if they want to build a swimming pool on the moon, they want someone who will listen and even encourage them not someone who will say those two dangerous words "Be realistic." To be honest, introverts don't need that kind of negative talk.

3. Going out on the town requires some planning clothing-wise. Obviously this is more of a problem for the fairer sex, what with the right outfit and how much makeup to apply but for guys it can be a hassle as well. Trying to get the right look where you are trying to show that you haven't made much effort but you have. I think guys will understand what I am talking about. So why don't you stay at home by yourself or with your significant other? You don't have to dress up and you can (well in my case anyway) wear your tracksuit pants and rugby jersey.

4. Sometimes when you go to a club or a bar there are certain expectations of what you should do and how you should act. As an introvert I would question these "social conventions." Why do I have to buy you a drink? Why don't you buy me a drink? For some introverts, these expectations can be very tiring to keep up with so it is just as easy to not go to the club.

5. Finally, if you can't entertain yourself, who can you entertain? Introverts don't need a big posse to feel energised. They just need themselves or themselves and a significant other. That's all. The club on a Friday night is just to stimulating and it can be very, very draining. An introvert will go but just don't expect them to go every week.

No everyone wants to go to the club or bar on a Friday night and that is ok. That doesn't make them strange, it just makes them who they are. Remember that and everything will be fine.

In closing, I would just like to say that I love this song and I am not ashamed to say that. So stop judging:

This one too:

I'm ready for the weekend now.

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