Monday, 4 September 2017

Go by yourself

A lot of people fear going some place alone. They find the idea of turning up somewhere, like at a party or an event by themselves as been very intimidating.

I'm here today to say that, yes, maybe that is true but only for the first five minutes or so. That's all. Five minutes. That's it.

Many people will ask around their group of friends for somebody to accompany them but when they get a few no's they will give up and not bother with the party/event at all.

The advice is simple today that if you want to go somewhere and no one wants to go with you, pluck up the courage and go by yourself.

If you are genuinely interested in the theme of the event then you will meet people there who are there for the same reasons. They will have similar interests and you will have lots of things in common and the conversation should flow smoothly. It's just those first five minutes which is nothing.

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