Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Each person is different

I don't have any children but I was asked the other day if I did have children, would I expect them to play rugby or cricket or something similar.

My answer to that was of course, "No." 

If I did have a child who wanted to play cricket or rugby then of course that would be great but they might not want to play team sports. They might want to play an individual sport. They might want to do the shot put or play badminton. They might not even want to play sport, they might want to do some kind of music or dance or something like that.

Why should you push them into playing a team sport? Why should you push them into joining an orchestra?

Just because that's what you did growing up, doesn't mean that they will want to do it.

Remember they might be more comfortable doing something by themselves.

They might prefer this:

To this:

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