Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Window or Aisle?

Have you ever asked someone whether they prefer a window seat or an aisle seat on a plane?

Isn't interesting that most are able to answer this question very quickly? There is no gazing off into the distance or deep thinking when people answer they know themselves and they know exactly what they want when it comes to airline seats.

I was wondering what does a person's choice about window seat or an aisle seat say about that person? There must be something. There must be some reason that we can answer this question very quickly but we struggle with what burger we want when we line up at Burger King.

I dug around and this is what I found about window people and aisle people.


Someone who chooses an aisle seat is someone who really likes their freedom. You don't have to wake some sumo wrestler up or have to climb over them to go to the toilet at 3am in the morning. You can just stand up and go. It is so good and this is the main reason why I use the aisle seat.

What I didn't know however is that introverted people tend to like the aisle seat. If you think about it, the airplane is very anti-introvert. You are stuck in amongst a large number of people and for any introvert that is or can be like hell but to that option to sneak of to the toilet whenever you like will give you that easiness that you crave in a large number of people.

Maybe you like to work on the plane, so you don't like to be distracted by what is going past the window so you like the aisle. Also at least you have more elbow room on one side anyway.


Apparently people who sit next to the window like privacy. I suppose that is right. You are sort of tucked away in the corner. You haven't got people bumping you as you go to the toilet and making you up.

You can also use the wall as a pillow holdererupperer. (Is that a word? If not, I have just invented one.)

Also people who are sitting next to the window like to dream about stuff. They see the world go by, (literally) and they think about where they want to go and the places they want to see.


If the aisle seat is for the introverted people, then the middle seat is for the extroverted ones. Think about it, you have two new people you can talk to, You are in heaven.

Of course you might be in the middle seat because you didn't plan well enough.

I remember I was on a flight from Sydney to Tokyo and as usual, I was on the aisle. One of the cabin crew came up to me and asked me if I would sit in the middle of the row in front of me. There was a couple on their honeymoon and they couldn't sit next to each other. My initial thought was, why didn't they organise themselves better so they could sit next to each other? Of course, you have to realise that not everyone thinks like you and they might just have overlooked it. But why should I suffer and believe me, you suffer in the middle row, when a newly-wed couple couldn't organise themselves?

In the end, it was the decent thing to do but it left a sour taste in my mouth, not with the airline mind you, they were just relaying a message, but with people's organisational abilities.

Which one are you?





Are your business class?

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