Saturday, 19 August 2017

Some habits to implement in your life

A successful life is all about creating good habits. Building a routine and a lifestyle that you can sustain and most importantly, enjoy.

What can you do?

Here are some ideas:

1. Have a morning routine

I have tried to start a morning routine but I found that I couldn't sustain it, which is bad. I tried to follow a system in the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It was certainly beneficial and it was quite enjoyable but I was boring the candle at both ends and I couldn't sustain it and by about 4pm I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

The good thing about a morning routine is that you are not rushed in the morning. You have time to yourself and to do stuff. You just have to get your sleep patterns organised.

2. Meditation

For me, this was part of the morning routine above. I tell you what, it does have it's benefits. You do feel a lot better. Your mind feels clearer. It is just a case of doing it consistently to create that habit. Also, what I have learned is that you don't need to do it for hours on end. Even just for five minutes you can benefit from it greatly.

3. Read books

My friend and I have been doing an activity that Brian Tracy (the self-help guru) suggests to do everyday. He calls it the Golden Hour where you read for an hour a day. My friend and I changed it slightly. We read and then send each other summaries of what we have read. The other person comments and sends it back. It has allowed me to read a lot more books than what I may have done in the past. In this case, I would recommend non-fiction books as opposed to fiction books. Tracy suggests to read in your field. For example, if you are in sales, you should read about sales.

4. Exercise

A few years ago I started Crossfit and it has become a part of my life. I would say that I don't take it as seriously as I should or as other people do but I get a lot out of it and it is fun .... sometimes. Lets just say that I am a lot fitter now than if I didn't do it so that's the main thing I suppose. Do something everyday and you will feel better and have stacks more energy.

5. Wake up early

What is that saying? The early bird catches the worm? One of my favourite pages on Instagram is Before 5am. It can be very motivational. The guy must be doing quite well as he has over 700,000 followers on Instagram. Not bad numbers I say. I think that if you are able to get up early and get things done then you are ahead of 95% of the population and you are creating yourself a huge advantage that you can leverage into the future.

6. Hobbies

If you have a creative hobby then you might become a harder worker. Of course, if you are really lucky, that hobby could turn into a business or a career.

I hope that has given you some ideas to work with. Just by following some of them you can create a great lifestyle for yourself and that is the most important thing, to create for yourself not for someone else. You want to create for you.

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