Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Nice to see you. To see you ..... NICE

Bruce Forsyth, one of the most famous faces on British television passed away a couple of days ago. Forsyth was one of the longest serving people on television anywhere in the world. He was well known for games shows in particular and he had some interesting catch phrases:

"Nice to see you. To see you ....... Nice."

"Didn't he do well?"

"A cuddly toy!"

"Good game, good game."

"Oh, wasn't that a shame."

These were some of the catchphrases of Bruce Forsyth and for British audiences in particular, would remember them dearly.

He always seemed to be outgoing and talkative which is suppose is a prerequisite for his type of job or is it?

Do you have to have that in your face kind of personality to do this?

I think yes and no. It certainly helps. Nobody wants people on television who give one word answers and who don't smile and look like they want to be anywhere that's not in front of the television cameras.

Is the role of a television presenter only reserved for outgoing, extroverted people?

In a word, no. It is possible to pretend to be someone that is extroverted and outgoing an talkative. You can develop this skill like any other skill with lots of practice. It's all about harnessing the energy you have and playing a character in front of the many people that are watching you at the time. You are in a sense an actor.

So you don't all have to have the personality of a Sir Bruce Forsyth. As long as you make time for reenergising then building that alter-ego should be fun and rewarding at the same time.

RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth

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