Saturday, 5 August 2017

EXTROVERTS 101: Here is all you need to know

The other day we had this post about introverts.

Today it is the extrovert's turn.

1. Extroverts need alone time too

Extroverts are not going to be "on" 24/7. Of course, most of the time they will want to be out and about and socialising with all and sundry. However, on occasions you will find them huddled up on the sofa watching Netflix or some kind of sport. The difference with an introvert and extrovert is that the extrovert will tell everyone that, that is what they are doing and take a photo of the movie they are watching and post it on Instagram so that even if they aren't around a whole bunch of people they can still get energised by having a many "likes" and comments like:

"That's a cool movie."


"Oh my god babe, those are some fabulous slippers."


"Where are you? The club is off the hook."

2. Extroverts love the spotlight

If you want to get on the good side of an extrovert friend or acquaintance, dish out the compliments thick and fast. They are going to love you for it. They love that spotlight and they are going to feel loved with you lay it on.

3. Extroverts are not the best at planning

You would think that, since the extroverted person loves to be out every night of the week with friends and the like, that he or she would be an expert at planning the night and getting 300 of his or her "closest" friends to come out and enjoy the night.

This isn't necessarily the case. The extrovert likes to kick back and enjoy the night like the rest of us without all the added of pressure of getting the introverts there or getting the other extroverts there who are, should we say, "directionally challenged."

4. Shy Extroverts are among us

Believe it or not, shy extroverts do live among us. Not all extroverts are loud and in your face because they are having a great time and they expect everyone else to have one as well.

Introversion and extroversion is all about how you energise, not what your personality is like, so it stands to reason that even though they energise in a large group, they may not be able to talk to anyone.

I felt like that a few times, especially in a nightclub. I would be enjoying the Top 40 music that they were playing but not being able to talk to anyone. It is a weird experience, I tell you. It is heightened when your friends are demanding you to "Go and talk to her" or "why are you so quiet?"

5. Extroverts need to be stimulated

They say that variety is the spice of life and extroverts need variety. They get bored and distracted  really easily. You have to keep energetic and lively and entertaining because if you don't, you will find the extroverts will be gone to find something more interesting.

6. Use a sledgehammer when talking to an extrovert

Don't be subtle when talking to an extrovert. Don't be passive aggressive. It is best to be upfront and direct. Extroverts don't want to play the little games that have invaded our society. Just say it directly and the extrovert will understand what you are talking about without having to think too much at all.

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