Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Short and Sweet

I woke up this morning. I was in a bad mood. I dragged myself out of bed and frogmarched myself into the shower. (I did not smile once)

I got out of the shower and still not smiling, mind you, I put my clothes on. (While I was doing this, I was cursing the weather, I was cursing the fact that I was still sweating and I had to put on a dress shirt and dress pants.)

I left my room and swore and cursed that I had difficulty putting on my shoes. Then as I was about to lock the door I realised that I had left my keys in the room. So I had to take my shoes off and go back into the room and find my keys.

As you can probably imagine I was not feeling the best.

Then I realised, I had a choice and we all have a choice each and every day. We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be miserable. Which is it? Which do you choose? Happy or miserable? It is that easy.

Which are you going to choose?



It's your choice.

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