Saturday, 9 December 2017

Will shopping offline die out?

Will going out to shop ever go out of fashion?

Some people love shopping, they seem to live for it. Every weekend they will go out to the mall and really give their credit card or cards a thorough workout.

In the last 20 years though a new phenomenon has come about, the online shopping mall has taken over. Hands up who has ever used Amazon. It looks like quite a few of you. You can buy anything on Amazon. I remember looking for L&P on Amazon Japan. The charge for postage was astronomical but it was there.

In the next few months, Amazon is going to set up shop in Australia. Brick and mortar shops in New Zealand are understandably quite nervous. How is this online giant going to affect the industry in New Zealand?

The answer to that question is that I don't know.

What I think will happen is that going to the shops in my opinion is never going to die out. I for one want to try on my clothes before buying them.

Also I think the social aspect of shopping will never die out. People go along to the shops to see their friends. A real social occasion. As the first part of the video below shows.

Don't worry people, shopping is not going to be just an online thing, shops and malls will always be there, it is just you have more of a choice.

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