Tuesday, 5 December 2017

INTROVERTS v EXTROVERTS (The title match for the ages)

Introverts have their energy sources depleted when they are out socialising:

A good example of this is myself actually. When I was younger my friend and I would hit the town and he would be "on" for most of the night and for some reason he would be at his best at about 4am when I was ready to go home. The he would say that I was being anti-social for wanting to go home when in fact I was just depleted of energy and wanted to go and sit by myself for a little bit.

An introvert requires that alone time to recharge.

How do you know if you are or have met an introvert?

1. Introverts are usually better writers than in conversation. (That could be true but I would say that with the right people, introverts are great in conversation, not in a large group though.)

2. Introverts love their alone time. (Yep. I know that I have spent some weekends completely by myself although not recently though.)

3. Introverts prefer talking with another person or in a small group. (Introverts find it difficult to stand in the middle of a big group and hold court so to speak. So they don't.)

4. Introverts generally despise talking on the phone. (If you think about it, the telephone is there so that you can organise your life. You use the phone to organise a meeting with other people isn't that right?

5. Introverts usually think before they speak. You will very rarely see an introvert just blurt out the first thing they think. The unfortunate thing here is that because they are thinking an extrovert will think that they need to fill that gap of silence with some kind of comment which is just hot air at the end of the day.


Extroverts gain energy and pleasure from being out and about with (preferably) a big group of people.

How do you know if you are or have met an extrovert?:

1. Extroverts are generally very good at conversation. They are lively and very active. 

2. Extroverts, as the name suggests are naturally outgoing and they will try new things. They will jump into things on occasions without much thought. 

3. extroverts prefer outdoor activities unless it is a home party that they are hosting then they will have 300 people at their house when only 60 can fit in and they will have a big smile on their face the whole night and probably for the next three days.

4. Extroverts are good leaders of groups. They will get everyone along just so that they can get energy themselves. (I remember one guy like that. He would bring a whole group of people together and you could see he loved it. He loved the attention and was just growing in energy with each second. Of course I got a lot of grief when I wanted to go home early or, god forbid, not want to drink alcohol.)

There you have it. The ongoing battle between the introvert and extrovert. I still don't think people understand this. It is my job to show them how to interact with each other.

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