Thursday, 18 May 2017


Most native English speakers would have heard the expression 'The Silent Treatment.'

What is The Silent Treatment?

The Silent Treatment is a stubborn refusal to talk to someone after a fight or argument. The Silent Treatment is very much a passive-agressive situation where the person can't express what is 'bugging' them so they don't say anything at all.

The silence still expresses a message and it can be quite controlling.

Of course, The Silent Treatment is sometimes just used to convey a message and when that message is learned The Silent Treatment will be stopped and everything will be back to normal.

The people who use The Silent Treatment, have you ever thought that for someone who is introverted that you might be doing them a favour? Have you ever thought that they might think finally, I can get some peace and quiet?

Before you start giving The Silent Treatment punishment, think that you might be giving them something great and your punishment strategy might backfire and that is not going to be good for anyone, especially you.

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