Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Characteristics of an Introvert

Here is a list of the characteristics of an introvert from an article written by Jill D. Burruss and Lisa Kaenzig called Introversion: The Often Forgotten Factor Impacting the Gifted.

You can see the article here. http://education.wm.edu/centers/cfge/_documents/resources/articles/introversion.pdf


1. Are territorial - desire private space and time. - Yes I can understand that. Remember that it isn't just been alone but with someone that they love or respect is OK too. Introverts do need time alone, that is the most important.

2. Are happy to be alone - they can be lonely in a crowd. - I can understand this one. Sometimes I am in a room with a lot of people who are all talking about boring things and I am not interested in the slightest. It can be quite tiring to fake enthusiasm for a topic that just doesn't seem to be very important.

3. Become drained around large groups of people; dislike attending parties - Need time alone to recharge. - YEP

Look at this blog post and look at this blog post. I know that I have chickened out of going to a party from time to time. In fact a couple of weeks ago I thought to myself that I would go to a party and actually walked to the venue and then decided to go home. Not good.

4. Prefer to work on own rather than do group work - This reminds me of a scene from the hit comedy series of the 1980's and 1990's, Seinfeld. George Costanza is trying to come up with a comeback line and as with anything, most of the people have an idea and he doesn't want to hear them. He is a one man band, George Costanza.

5. Act cautiously in meeting people. - I remember I can telling me that he could sense that I was been cautious when I first met him. He is a very outgoing and sociable person so he couldn't understand why I wasn't too. This is a problem with extroverts, they generally can't understand why everyone is not like them. They expect everyone to be sociable and ready to party 24/7.

6. Do not enjoy being the centre of attention - I'm not sure about that. I have no problem getting up and talking in front of people. I even have a YouTube channel. I have no problem being the centre of attention. Maybe it is the introvert anomaly.

7. Form a few deep attachments - Yes! The operative word is FEW. An introvert is not going to have a million friends and have birthday parties with 700 of his or her 'closest friends.' That is not going to happen whether you want it to happen or not.

8. Think carefully before speaking (practice in my head before I speak) - YES. I have had so many conversations in my head that you wouldn't believe. Most of the conversations in your head don't come to fruition so you wonder why you bother.

9. Communicate best one-on-one - This is very important. It is difficult to talk (read small talk) with a small group of four or five people. With 50 people it is much easier. Strange, right?

10. Get agitated and irritated without enough time alone or undisturbed. - Yes, I can relate to this. I sometimes I have a friend call me and he wants to talk and I'm sorry (you know who I am talking to) sometimes I just don't want to talk. I have been talking to people all day and I just can't handle another five minutes. (You realise that though)

There you have it. Introverts are difficult beasts but the more you understand them, the easier that you will find dealing with them.

Everyone is not a party animal. Don't expect them to be.

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