Saturday, 6 May 2017

Introvert Problems 101

How many of you introverts out there have been told that you should talk more?

Let me see there are a few hands going up and even more hands going up and yes, you all have. Well that's a surprise. (That's sarcasm by the way.)

Let me now ask the extroverts out there, why is that when you do tell us to talk more (because our silence is making you feel uncomfortable - boo hoo. Talk about first world problems.) that you do a whole bunch of things to us. Let me go through them now.

When an introvert tries to talk one or all of five things happen:

1. The introvert gets ignored

2. The introvert gets interrupted

3. The introvert gets talked over

4. The introvert is paid no attention whatsoever

5. No one cares what the introvert says

Seriously, why do you tell us to speak up when this is what happens? I don't get it.

Just because an introvert's tongue might not be as slick as yours or just because the introvert might not be describing the situation in an exciting way with interesting and fascinating words doesn't mean that what they are saying is going to be any less interesting. Or does it? Do you need a multimedia extravaganza to listen to? Do you need flashing lights and a fast mouth and a few well chosen expletives? Really?

You asked us to talk more so do the decent thing and shut up and listen. That wasn't so hard was it?

I'm sure if you let the introvert have a bit of time to formulate the thoughts in his or her mind then they will come up with some kind of brilliant ideas and theories but you will never hear them if you keep cutting us off.

I know that sometimes personally that it does take awhile to think about what I am going to say and to get the thoughts from my brain to my mouth and no I won't fill the silence with frivolous words and expletives, well maybe the odd one or two f****n or S**t.

If you do, as an extrovert find yourself being uncomfortable around a quiet introvert, encourage them to speak up. In my mind there is nothing wrong with that because they do have interesting insights and opinions but let them be. In other words shut up and listen. You might just learn something about them, yourself and the world in general.

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