Saturday, 2 June 2018


Dear Extroverted people,

Here are some things that us, introverts want you to know.

1. We don't need to be around people all the time. We do need time to ourselves.

2. Just because I am not saying anything doesn't mean I'm bored. Who says that I should be yelling from the rooftops and shouting in your ear to prove that I am enjoying myself?

3. I'm not anti-social. I will go out with you when the time is right and when there is a reason and Dear Mr./Ms. Extrovert, because it is Friday does not make it a reason. Am I clear?

4. Going to a party is not my go to when I want to socialise. Dancing and boozing with 300 of my "closest" friends is not my way of enjoying myself I am sorry to say. You go to the party. You go and dance and rule the floor. I'll see you tomorrow.

5. Introverts hate to be interrupted. Hey! It has taken us a lot to step outside out comfort zone and talk and you have the gall to interrupt us. No wonder us introverts forget what we are going to say after you have had yours (in the middle of ours).

6. Introverts are not shy...... PERIOD.

7. Extroverts, we take a little longer than "normal" to enter a conversation. Be patient for god sake. Just because we are not bullshitting at 100 miles an hour doesn't mean we have nothing worthwhile to say.

8. Silence does not equal depression. Far from it. We just have nothing to say. Is that OK? Or are you desperate for the introverts to say something until we say something un-PC and you guys get all defensive and uncomfortable. It's your fault.

Please remember these things when you are talking to an introvert. And shut up too. You might actually learn something.

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