Thursday, 7 June 2018


Hello Ladies.

Today's post is for you. I know I have written for men a few times in the past, however, today is for you and I hope that you get something out of it.

It wouldn't shock you to hear that men and women are different. (WOW! What are profound statement Blair.)

Seriously, I think that some people need to hear this on occasions because we do forget it.

So, ladies, how do you know that he really loves you?

Well, I suggest looking for these things. (By the way, don't just feel it. You will get yourself into a lot of trouble and regret if you do that.)

1. He will listen his ears off

I must admit that I am not the best listener even though they say that introverts are good listeners but when I am really into someone, I will 100% listen to you. And don't worry, I'm not going to solve your problems because we know that you don't want that. Although in saying that I have asked this question before, "Do you want me to listen as a man or a woman?" That confused her for a few second until I said that I can solve her problem or just listen. On second thoughts, I wouldn't suggest asking that too much.

2. He will compromise

Now, I know that some women lose attraction for a man if he stops doing things that he really loves to do but that suggests that you weren't very into him in the fist place and you were just stringing him along which I say "shame on you." If a man really loves you, he will compromise on a few things because he knows that they are important to you. I've seen men move to live with women in their hometowns. Now that is a big compromise. Do you think that he would do that if he was only 50% into you.

3. He will contact you regularly

Now I know that 50 texts a day is not good for anyone but a guy will check in from time to time just to see how you are. He will check in because he likes to feel you as you like to feel him as you like to feel his love.

4. You are family

A guy who is really into you will make you part of his family. He will invite you to family gatherings like birthdays, BBQs and Christmas. Hopefully, he has a loving enough family that because he loves you then there is no judgement on his family's part because they love him unconditionally and they will accept you unconditionally as well. If he invites you home for Christmas, take it. That is a big deal for you and him.

5. Presents have a reason

If someone really loves you they would have put in a lot of thought into gifts that they have got you. They might have even made it themselves. If they have, that shows real love. In Japan, the who Valentine's Day tradition is that the woman gives chocolate to the man. So if you get store bought chocolate, then look for someone else. If she has taken the time to make something, then you are a lucky man. It is the same with men. If the thought is there, does it have to an expensive gift?

6. You will have all the support that you can handle

If a guy really loves you, he will help you. He will do anything for you. If you take this for granted, then you are nothing but a user and you do not deserve him at all.

7. A man loves to make you laugh

There is nothing better for a man than to see his woman smiling and laughing. There is nothing better than to see his woman happy and full of life. Your man might play the fool sometimes but rest assured he is doing it for your entertainment and your wellness.

8. You are his priority

When it is all said and done, if a man really loves you he will make you his priority over any other person. Of course he will go out with some of his mates from time to time and you should let him because he will resent you if you don't let him, just like he should let you have the girl's night out too on occasions.

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