Saturday, 21 October 2017


Do you do any of the following things?

1. Stay out late. (This could mean different things for different people)

2. Sleep in. (Once again, this could mean different things for different people.)

3. Party all weekend.

4. Cancel your Crossfit class even though you booked.

5. Veg out on the sofa

6. Drink a beer or a soda (pop, fizzy drink)

7. Decide to start it tomorrow

 8. Bitch and moan about something

9. Give 99% or less

10. Overreact

Let me look at this list again.

Hmmm, I think I score 9/10 for the above list. Not good and I'm sure many of you score either 9/10 or even 10/10.

Remember if you stay out late, lets say you go out and get home at 2am. Not a late night by any means but remember that the other guy is working on that Friday or Saturday night. He is working on his side-hustle and getting ahead of you

Remember, if you sleep in, you are in my opinion anyway, missing out on the best time of the day. There are not many people around, the air is clear, it is quiet. You can get your workout out of the way and start you day off in the best possible way. If you do sleep in, someone else is going to the gym, going to that early morning class.

Remember if you party all weekend that you may have some great memories and see some great things but in the long run, how is this going to help you 5, 10 years down the track?

Remember if you cancel your Crossfit class, this could be the start of cancelling the next one and before you know it, you are going once a month and it is a huge waste of money. Sure cancel once in awhile if you don't feel like it. Going to the gym shouldn't feel like a chore. Of course in some circumstances it will feel like a chore but most of the time you should want to go there.

Remember if you veg out on the sofa then everyone is getting ahead of you even if they are going for a walk down the corner shop. At least they are being active. You are just sitting there, most probably snacking on something unhealthy. They are getting lean and mean and you are getting fat.

Remember when you are popping open a beer or a cola, you are getting fat and the water drinking guy is getting hydrated. Understand the difference?

Remember if you decided to start tomorrow the the guy who did start today is already ahead of you. The diet starts Monday. I don't think so, it starts NOW!

Remember, if you bitch and moan about something, all of your energy is focusing on that particular complaint. You will feel bad about everything and that isn't great while the guy who has his focus elsewhere is getting ahead.

Remember, give 100% in everything. End of story. Don't half-ass it. That isn't cool.

Remember to stay cool. Don't overreact and everything will be fine.

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