Friday, 20 October 2017

Arnold: He is 'THE MAN.'

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When you hear this name, what do you think? Do you really need to say the Schwarzenegger bit? You can just say Arnold, right? I mean people of my generation might think of the following:

But I very much doubt it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an icon. He is at the top of the food chain in Hollywood and has had success as a politician as well. I'm sure if he concentrated on golf he could even manage it on the PGA Senior's Tour.

As you probably all know, Arnold made it as a bodybuilder first. Before he got into movies, he was pumping his way to title after title on the bodybuilding circuit.

I was reading the other day and this really surprised me, Arnold wasn't necessarily the biggest or even the best conditioned bodybuilder when he first got started but the thing was, he was Arnold. He had (has) a personality that is larger than life.

In this blog post I talk about the 1970's movie Pumping Iron in which we see the contrast between Arnold and his archival at the time, Lou Ferrigno. One was very extroverted and outgoing and always wanted to be the centre of attention (Arnold) and one was quiet and maybe even a little shy (Ferrigno).

What has happened in their respective careers? Ferrigno has had some parts in movies and tv shows. I'm sure he has made an ok living.

Arnold however, is worth according to my Google search, about $300 million and counting.

How much did his outgoing and extroverted personality help him?

I say a lot. He wouldn't be anywhere near he is now if he was quiet and shy. Most probably no one would know who he is.

Would he have won all of those bodybuilding titles?

Who knows?

The point today is that we are not going to be all like Arnold Schwarzenegger but we can pretend. We can fake it if you like. We need to get ourselves out of our comfort zones and be that extrovert for a short time.

Do you want me to show you how?

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