Sunday, 12 February 2017

Don't be like most people!!!

The idea I have seen a great deal recently is the idea of 'Don't be most people.'

In this Instagram post it says:

"The truth is that most people never start because they don't want to be seen starting at the bottom. Don't be most people."

This is so true and I can relate a lot. I think that the problem also is because it might not be perfect we don't want to start.

I put off for a few days designing a log for my activities. In the end I just had to sit down and do it. It looked really awful and totally not what I had in mind when I started it but at least I had something down on paper which gives me something to work with.

Something else I have been procrastinating a lot on recently is making videos for this blog. I look on Youtube and there are some very good and very well produced videos and I think that because I don't have the expertise or the equipment to do it then I won't do it and that is a real bad way to look at it. You have to get started and as the Nike people say, 'Just do it.'

Finally about 'Don't be most people,' I would like to have a look at a good list that I found on this book. The author Peter Voogd wrote a list of things that most people do. Lets have a look at some of them:

Most people over eat and eat based off pleasure vs. health. Don't be like most people.
This is very true isn't it? We eat because it is the sociable thing to do or because the stuff is there. We make short term decisions rather than basing our eating on long-term thinking. That's OK sometimes but when you do it everyday and for every meal then you are going to have problems.

Most people don't have enough energy to go after their dreams and goals. Don't be like most people.
Most of us are just so focused on our urgent things to do that we forget what is important. We spend all day putting out fires and then  when it is time to sit down and really think about our futures we are too knackered (British slang for extremely tired) to do anything and the couch and the television beckons.

Most people sleep in and have no morning routine. Don't be like most people
What is a morning routine? I hear you ask. Well, I'm pleased you ask. It is something that you do every morning to start you day. By this I don't mean, get up, go to the toilet, have a shower, knock back a cup of coffee and rush out the door to catch the train  or bus to work. I mean having something to kick start your day. In this book you will find a system that the author has created that allows him to wake up and attack the day as opposed to rolling over and pushing the snooze button.

Most people pray for weekends and hate Mondays. Don't be like most people.
I don't know about you but I love Mondays. For most people it is the start of the week and they hate that they have to go to work. In Japan they have a phenomenon called the Sazae-san syndrome. Sazae-san is a popular long running cartoon that is broadcast on Sundays at about 6.30pm. The show tends to depress people because reality sets in and they realise that they have to go to work or school the next day. It affects people who don't really have any hobbies or any other purpose in their lives. For me a Monday is the start of a brand new week and it is a chance for me to become better than the week before whether it be in the business field, in the gym or in my relationships with people.

Most people sell themselves short. Don't be like most people. 
It is said that we only use a fraction of the ability that we have. Whether it is because we are lazy or we lack confidence most of us sell ourselves short. There are only a very few people who really reach their absolute full potential.

What can I say?

Don't be like most people!!!

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