Friday, 10 June 2016

What do you WANT?

Do you know that story that if you focus on red cars that you will see red cars everywhere? It's interesting, I'm seeing the words, introvert, extrovert and ambivert everywhere these days. Have they always been there or is it just because I am focusing on these things that I am seeing them?

They say that if you focus on something then that thing will manifest itself. I'm sure the fans of the book and movie The Secret will know what I am talking about. Since I have started writing this blog as I said I have seen these words everywhere. Obviously the best-seller by Susan Cain has a lot to do with the proliferation of these words.

The Secret suggests that what you focus on with passion you will attract. So yours and my challenge over the next few weeks is to think about exactly what you want. Make it very precise and make sure that you write it down and even practice visualising what it will be like when you get what you want. Try to feel the emotions that you will feel when you accomplish your goal or get the thing that you want. They say that the more you can imagine it the more likely that you are going to achieve it. Don't just limit yourself to one thing. Think about all of the areas in your life. I use the seven areas in Brian Tracy's book Focal Point as a guide for my life. Those seven areas (and please forgive me if I get a couple wrong as I am doing this from memory) are:

1. Business and Career
2. Financial Independence
3. Family and Relationships
4. Health and Fitness
5. Personal Development
6. Spiritual Development
7. Community Involvement.

You might want to set goals in all of these areas or you might do what I like to do and only set in a few of them. (Probably because I don't fully understand the Spiritual Development one)

Be clear on exactly what you want and go for it. Go like the clappers.

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