Tuesday, 21 June 2016


I'm not a big user of Instagram but I sometimes post a photo or two. I do look at other people's posts as there are interesting things you can find on this app.

The other day I decided to search for introvert and as you might expect there was quite a few things come up and the ones that interested me were the various memes that you can read. Lets have a look at some that took my fancy.

Here is the first one:

Myth 3

Introverts are rude:
Introverts want everyone to just be real and honest. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable in most settings, so introverts can feel a lot of pressure to fit in, which they find exhausting.

Yes, I agree with this. I must admit that I have had a few occasions where I have wanted the person to be honest with me and I can tell that they aren't been honest. They fear that I might take it badly or they just think that it isn't appropriate to come out and say the truth. From my point of view, if they had come out and said the truth I would have felt better and life can carry on as usual but I'm left speculating which isn't a good place to be in.

Here is the second one:

Being an introvert, I've had more thoughts about how I would have a conversation than actually having a conversation.

All I can say is that yes that is correct. I have had many conversations in my mind. I can't stop. You might think that that sounds weird, I think that it is perfectly normal. Usually these conversations don't eventuate. What a waste of time, right?

Here is the third one:

Sitting by yourself, person decides you must be lonely and comes over. Damn!

I like this one because talking about this with my friend yesterday. He was having a quiet beer in a bar by himself and enjoying the peace and quiet when an extrovert comes over and wants to hang out. My friend politely turned him away. Apparently the extrovert did not look happy. Extroverted people can't understand why you would want to be by yourself. They want to be around people and anyone will do. That is a real clash which if there is misunderstanding between the two parties can become awkward.

There you go, three interesting memes from Instagram. Have a look at this app. There is some really interesting stuff.

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