Thursday, 23 June 2016

Love me Tinder

About 10 years ago I broke up with my then girlfriend. I had been with her for about five years. It was a couple of months after, that I discovered online dating. I put my profile on a particular website and over the course of a few years met a great number of women. Women who I wouldn't have had the chance to meet during the course of my everyday life because I was shy or we just travelled in different circles. It was a great experience and it something that I would recommend to anyone who is single or like me,  was not the best around women and even other men to be quite honest.

Recently in the last few years, there has been several apps available highlighted by Tinder and other notable ones like Hinge, Buzz and Happn. I have Tinder and Happn on my phone at the moment. They have been a lot of fun to use but I believe that now to fit into this extroverted world that we live in it is time to delete these. They are useful and I may come back to them in the future but I think it is time to do some real world networking if you know what I mean.

Well, that was easier than expected. I deleted both. Well done to me.

 It is time to concentrate on growing my business and helping you guys out there reach your potential as well as my potential and also to be a more social offline. I think that I have conquered the online world, now it is time to conquer the offline world.

Care to join me?

Get away from your phone and smell the roses so to speak. I'll update you on my progress from time to time. Good luck to you too.

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