Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Introverts: You will understand these - Part 6

This was interesting on Instagram.

The 21 things that only introverts will understand. I'll spend a few days going through them and maybe explaining them to you from my experience. The passages in bold are from the Instagram post:

16. When you say, "I  want a low-key birthday this year. Like, dinner with two friends."

I'm laughing when I read this because it is exactly what I would say. I remember having a party a few years ago and it wasn't much fun at all. It was very stressful having to talk to all of these people. Some of them I don't think I have seen since. Sounds very extroverted, right?

It is always interested going to an extrovert's birthday party. He or she will have about 100 of his or her closest friends there and when you ask some of them how they know the birthday person I kid you not, I have heard, "we met on the train last week." Seriously? The more the merrier, right?

17. When you ask the teacher if she can make an exception for you so you can work alone instead of with a group. When she tells you that it will be more work that way, you figure that's fine because in a group, you'd end up doing the majority of the work anyway. You're kind of a perfectionist. 

I don't think I have anything to worry about here.

I have found that working in a group you do what the strongest person in the group wants to do which isn't always the best way but because they will bulldoze their ideas through in can be quite irritating.

This reminds me of George Costanza from the hit comedy series of the 1990's, Seinfeld:

"This is why I hate writing with a large group. Everybody has their own little opinions, and it all gets homogenised, and you lose the whole edge of it.

18. When you wear headphones in public so people don't talk to you.

Hands up who does this because they don't want to talk to people. I do. I'm not ashamed to do it. In fact I am doing it now as I write this.

Actually, In public, I don't mind talking to strangers but I do like walking around while listening to some good music although I can understand why some people would be like that especially in a close space like an elevator or something similar. I think looking down at your phone has the similar effect.

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