Wednesday, 29 November 2017

When a quiet person "explodes"

Here is an interesting article  about a New Zealand cricketer who was charged with assault.

Ordinarily for me, this kind of news wouldn't do much for me. I would just gloss over it and that would be it.

What really interested me about this was the following line from the article:

Both Curwin and Stead were stunned to learn of McClure's behaviour with the rising batting prospect described as "mild-mannered."

"It's totally out of character," Stead said.

"Kenny is normally pretty mild-mannered and you don't usually hear too much from him. It certainly came out of the blue."

Oh yes?

What I see here is (and this is without actually meeting the guy) that he is definitely an introverted guy. He probably keeps to himself a lot but is still popular guy within the team environment. Maybe he doesn't say much but when he does say something then people listen. I know that was my experience.

Sometimes the quiet ones can be pushed to their limits. Sometimes people who you think are quiet and not saying much, do have an explosive side. I know I do when I have stupid people around me.

I'm not condoning what this guy did. Assaulting another person is just not on at all.

Sometimes however, a quiet person is going to explode and if they do just let them. Let them vent. As long as they don't start committing a crime like this guy then just let them go. You will find that they will be back to their usual self soon enough and probably, like the cricketer, embarrassed about it.

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