Friday, 3 November 2017

Stand out: Be like Marouane Fellaini

I don't follow the English Premier League as much as I used to. In fact at the time of writing this I wouldn't know which team is on top of the table.

Hmmm, lets look it up. I see, the two Manchester teams are top of the tree. I didn't know that.

I used to watch a lot of the Premier League on television and I was familiar with a lot of the players. Now, I wouldn't have a clue. Apparently, Wayne Rooney is back at his boyhood club, Everton. (Arsenal supporters might want to turn away for a few minutes.)

Of the players I do know in the EPL, one of them plays for Manchester United and his name is Marouane Fellaini. He is a Belgian player and has played for the Red Devils since 2013.

How do I know this?

Well, I won't lie, Wikipedia does help here. It helps a lot. Special mention  to Mr. Google too.

Seriously, how do I know Marouane Fellaini? It is because of his distinctive hairstyle. His afro.

I don't much about Fellaini's footballing ability but I'm guessing that since he plays for Manchester United he must have some skills.

Would I know his name if he didn't have his afro? The answer is no. His hairstyle makes him stand out, well at least for me, a returning EPL fan.

He could shave his afro off and I probably wouldn't remember him or even know his name.

My point in this post is that sometimes you have to do something that stands out. You don't have to grow an afro like Marouane Fellaini but it could be something distinctive that you wear. There is a strategy in the seduction community called peacocking.

According to Wikitionary, peacocking is "Ostentatious dress or behaviour employed by a man in an attempt to impress women."

OK, you could use peacocking for that but you could also it to stand out. To be remembered.

Sometimes in life you need to step out of your shell on occasions. It is all very well being in your comfort zone but when push comes to shove you have to step out and risk the chance of ridicule. You have to risk being judged by your peers but if you are fully committed to it. If you are all about your purpose and vision then it shouldn't matter what people think. They are just showing their insecurities and fears.

Be prepared to stand out. Be prepared to be ridiculed and at the end of the day, be prepared to succeed in life.

Right, I'm off to the pub. I see Manchester United is playing Chelsea this weekend. I see crosstown rival, Manchester City also have a big game against Arsenal. The All Blacks are playing this weekend too. Oh the dilemma. First world problems indeed.

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